2014 Geauga County Fair

2014 Geauga County Fair

Aug 31


Missy works for Great Lakes Outdoor Supply in Bainbridge and they have a booth (tent) out at the Geauga County Fair this year. She’s been out there all week so Dane and I decided to head on over there to pay her a visit. Well, Dane mainly went for the Turkey Leg. 🙂

She got out a little early so we got to go do some Fair stuff. It was a great night for it and we had a good time.

Here are a few pictures I snapped while wandering around:



Dane and his Turkey Leg!!!!



Dane petting the nice calm horse at the barn.



Baby goat. This little guy was cute.



This guy would growl when you got near him.



Nice shot of Missy and Dane as we were leaving the Fairgrounds.