Bear chewin’ on a Feedbag

Bear chewin’ on a Feedbag

Sep 10


Here’s a fantastic piece I got to restore recently for one of the Nutcracker Collectors’ Club members.


It’s a really rare screw type nutcracker of a bear chewing on a feedbag.


This piece has a ton of detail and is very well done.


It came in with a broken feedbag nub, hole in the base, and chipped ears.


Here are a couple before pictures:






Here are a couple pictures after all the repairs were made:






This was a fun piece to work on and came out great!




Dog with a Rat

Dog with a Rat

Sep 04


Here’s a really rare unique screw type nutcracker that came into the shop recently for repairs.


Both ear tips were missing and needed replaced.


Here are a couple before pictures showing the ear tips missing:






Here are a couple pictures showing the piece after I added new ear tips:






The piece came out great and the new ear tips blend seamlessly with the original.


New Piece Available

New Piece Available

Jul 24


I carved a few unique nutcrackers to take to the 2016 Nutcracker Collectors’ Convention.


Here’s a brand new design I came up with for the convention to demonstrate the type of work I do.


It’s a Screw Type Skull Nutcracker. It’s hand carved out of Mahogany, it’s 3 inches tall, and about 5 inches long.


It’s signed and is the first and only one of this design so far. It’s numbered as #1.









This piece is currently available for purchase at


Old English Cottage

Old English Cottage

Jul 16


While I collect and restore antique nutcrackers, I also make my own pieces that I sell on occasion.


Recently I carved an Old English Cottage nutcracker to take to the 2016 Nutcracker Collectors’ Convention.


This is a highly detailed piece that I carved out of Walnut just for fun. It’s about 4 inches square and stands about 9 inches tall.


I used Pyrography to add some of the very fine details (door hinges) and accentuate  the smaller carvings (window tracery). This also gave the piece  a camp fire aroma which was an added bonus!




Front of the cottage showing the details accentuated using Pyrography



Right side of the cottage showing the chimney details



Back showing the screw knob and roof details



Left side showing the window tracery details



Bottom showing the screw nutcracking mechanism


This was a very fun piece to do and I am very proud to report this piece was bought by the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum at the convention.


Stay tuned for more great pieces i took to the convention.


—– Brandon

A Groden

A Groden

Mar 26


I’ve been posting a lot of Anri Nutcrackers lately so I figured a recent Groden repair would fit right in.


Grodens and Anris are kind of related. The Groden valley of Italy produced nutcrackers as far back as the 1700s and may have been a contributing factor to the famous nutcracker production firm called Anri to be established by the Italian artisan, Anton Riffeser in the 1920s in northern Italy.


The Groden nutcrackers pre-date the Anris. They are very rare and highly sought after by collectors.


I’ve been very fortunate to have had a few of these very rare pieces come through my shop over the years. Grodens are prone to having base and feet problems. The wood grain runs vertical throughout the piece which causes these areas to be weak.


The piece that came into the shop was no exception:






Here you can see I’ve added a new base, feet, and carved a new lever.













This is as far as I’m going on this piece, the customer is going to paint and finish it.


I’m hoping they send me pictures once its done!


Anri Nutcrackers!

Anri Nutcrackers!

Mar 09


Got a big box from Arlene Wagner from the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum.


It’s chock full of Anri nutcrackers in need of repair.  Nine to be exact, Awesome!



All 9 Anris received and ready to be repaired


Stay tuned for updates as I cover each one in more detail as I repair them and get them ready to be sent back to Arlene at the museum to be put on display for visitors to enjoy!


—– Brandon