New Piece Available

New Piece Available

Jul 24


I carved a few unique nutcrackers to take to the 2016 Nutcracker Collectors’ Convention.


Here’s a brand new design I came up with for the convention to demonstrate the type of work I do.


It’s a Screw Type Skull Nutcracker. It’s hand carved out of Mahogany, it’s 3 inches tall, and about 5 inches long.


It’s signed and is the first and only one of this design so far. It’s numbered as #1.









This piece is currently available for purchase at


Old English Cottage

Old English Cottage

Jul 16


While I collect and restore antique nutcrackers, I also make my own pieces that I sell on occasion.


Recently I carved an Old English Cottage nutcracker to take to the 2016 Nutcracker Collectors’ Convention.


This is a highly detailed piece that I carved out of Walnut just for fun. It’s about 4 inches square and stands about 9 inches tall.


I used Pyrography to add some of the very fine details (door hinges) and accentuate  the smaller carvings (window tracery). This also gave the piece  a camp fire aroma which was an added bonus!




Front of the cottage showing the details accentuated using Pyrography



Right side of the cottage showing the chimney details



Back showing the screw knob and roof details



Left side showing the window tracery details



Bottom showing the screw nutcracking mechanism


This was a very fun piece to do and I am very proud to report this piece was bought by the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum at the convention.


Stay tuned for more great pieces i took to the convention.


—– Brandon



Feb 21


 It’s been a really nice weekend here in Ohio.


It was in the 60’s yesterday; I can get used to that!


Got out in the shop a little and made progress on the skull nutcrackers.


Here’s the screw type skull nutcracker I’m working on. Making something that doesn’t exist is always challenging because you always run into weird issues that take more time than you expect to figure out and overcome.




Skull screw type nutcracker



Here’s the more traditional style which isn’t giving me as much trouble. This is skull #4 of this type so I have most of the kinks worked out in regards to carving these. This one is almost done.


 Just waiting on clear coat. Didn’t have any in shop so I have to pick some up on my lunch break tomorrow. No worries, had plenty of other pieces to work on. That’s a good thing!




Traditional style skull nutcracker



Once these two are done I have a few more ideas and am hoping to get a few more cool pieces done and ready for the Nutcracker Collectors Club Convention in May.


 Yeah, I really need to figure out how to make clones of myself to help with all this carving and stuff.


Stay tuned!




Feb 07



Sometimes you just have to improvise.


I needed a dowel for the Skull Nutcracker I’m making, but didn’t have any Mahogany dowels. Plenty of others, but none mahogany.

Yeah, that toothpick isn’t mahogany either and just isn’t going to cut it.




I cut a chunk of Mahogany:






I took the rough edges off at the Disc Sander:




I chucked it in the Drill Press. Used a flat riffler file, sanding block, and sand paper to shape it:




Wallah! A dowel that will match the piece perfectly. Awesome!




This is a good example of the level of detail that goes into making the pieces I create.


Everything on this piece is hand made, even the dowel now.




Outdoor Deck Wine Accessory

Outdoor Deck Wine Accessory

Jul 06



Summer is finally here!!!


Here’s the perfect wine accessory for the great outdoors. Whether just relaxing or having fun entertaining, this is a great accessory for your deck.


 I make these and sell them through Ardoria Studios.


As you can see in the photos, these are designed to hold other beverages too.


They are solidly constructed of wood and aluminum. Everything is coated with outdoor rated finishes so they can withstand the elements.


These attach easily to a deck post or 2×4 railing with 2 screws (included).


Click here for more details and pricing: –> Deck Wine Holder











Wings, wings, and more wings

Wings, wings, and more wings

Feb 01

It’s been a really cold and snowy weekend over here in Ohio.

It’s perfect weather to hunker down, fire up the heaters in the shop, and carve carve carve!

My wife and I team up to make what we call “Batwing Clocks”. I carve and attach bat wings to a traditional mantle clock, then my wife paints them in Halloween and Disney Haunted Mansion themes.

Here are a couple pictures of what goes into making these:

Bat Wing Clock

Bat wing drawn on Basswood and ready to be carved.


Bat Wing Clock

My creative clamping technique. Lots of rubber bands.


Bat Wing Clock

The wings are doweled and glued permanently in place. Gorilla glue foams as it dries.


Bat Wing Clock

My busy carving bench with more wings in process and other projects lying around.


Here are links to some of the clocks Missy has sold previously and one available now for purchase:


Haunted Mansion Themed Batwing Clock

Halloween Themed Batwing Clock

Halloween Moon and Owl Batwing Clock (avalable)


As always, thanks for looking!


—– Brandon