Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show!

Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show!

Sep 13


Took a half vacation day from work on Friday with my best friend since high school and went to the 2015 Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show. We had a BLAST!!!!


This is a great show and I got to play a TON of tables I love and some I haven’t seen before. Definitely go with a friend. We played all the tables on 2 player which made the experience that much more fun!


Here are a couple shots from the main room floor. The pictures don’t do it justice.








One of the highlights for me was getting to play Jersey Jack’s Wizard of Oz machine. This is a fantastic machine! It’s a low scoring machine (so don’t get frustrated), but an absolute blast to play!






Here’s a YouTube video featuring this amazing machine: CLICK ME!!!


If you are out and about and see this table somewhere, PLAY IT!  ——  It’s amazing!!!


—– Brandon




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