Wabbit Season!

Wabbit Season!

Dec 12


Yes, I’m a Looney Tunes nerd.


wabbit_seasonClick on the picture to see the Wabbit Season skit


Any who… I recently got the opportunity to repair a really nice figural rabbit (A.K.A. – wabbit) nutcracker for a Nutcracker Club member.


The rabbit had a big chip at the top of the left ear, an old very obvious repair on the jaw, a broken pin, and basically needed an overall refresh on the aged finish.


The repairs on this piece came out great and replacing the pin gave me the opportunity to make it a “hidden pin” which really adds to the overall quality of this piece.


Here are some before pictures:






Here’s how the piece came out:






Honestly, this was a fun piece to work on. It came out great and the customer was very happy with the work I did.


—– Brandon

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