2016 Nutcracker Convention – Day 1

2016 Nutcracker Convention – Day 1

Jun 27


This year marks the 22nd annual Nutcracker Collectors’ Club Convention which was held in Lexington Virginia.


First off, I have to say Lynn and Ann did a great job putting this year’s event together. I can’t imagine the time and work that goes into this. They really did a fantastic job!


Here are some pictures from the first day of the convention. This is where the Nutcracker Club members get to visit the hosting member’s home and see their personal collection first hand.


Lynn and Ann provided local beer and wine, delicious home cooked food, local fried chicken, and decadent deserts to die for.¬† All this was provided as we toured their home, viewed their beautifully displayed collection, and visited with members and friends we haven’t seen for a while.


Everything was beautifully displayed. Their home and their collection are absolutely spectacular!


Click on the pictures for a larger view.


Arriving at the convention host’s house



Their stairwell lined with nutcrackers and the local paper covering their collection and listing the convention


The fireplace mantel


Display case full of metal nutcrackers



Display case full of wooden nutcrackers



Close up #1 of the wooden nutcrackers



Close up #2 of the wooden nutcrackers



Close up #3 of the wooden nutcrackers



Close up #4 of the wooden nutcrackers



Very rare cane nutcrackers on display


counter 1

Nutcrackers displayed on the bar


counter 3

Nutcrackers displayed on top of the bar



More nutcrackers displayed on top of the bar



At the end of the evening (and the convention), everyone was given a travel mug commemorating the event.


 Stay tuned for Day 2 to see the great pieces members brought to show off and/or sell.

More importantly, stay tuned to see what great items I came home with!


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