Recent Acquisitions

Recent Acquisitions

Jul 09


In this business I get to work on some really great pieces for Nutcracker Collectors’ Club members and other clients.


One of the things that fuels my passion to rescue and restore damaged pieces for people is that I’m also a collector. I understand each piece’s value and the historical significance to fixing it right.


Compared to most, I don’t have many pieces; but the pieces I do have are good ones I bought reasonably and restored for myself, or are ones I really liked and/or admired the carving or style.


I bought two pieces at the 2016 Nutcracker Collectors’ Convention. They both are pieces that caught my eye and I really liked them.


What’s most important is, I don’t have to fix them. Just wax them and set them out for display.




Cat Nutcracker with “VITZNAU” carved into the handle




Nice old Boxwood screw type nutcracker


I’m very happy with my new acquisitions.


Coming soon — The original pieces I took to sell at the convention (spoiler alert! – The ones I didn’t sell are currently for sale on Ardoria).


—– Brandon


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