The Pond

The Pond

Jul 22


Well, I’ve been taking a break from sculpting & carving to get caught up on some projects around the homestead.


We have a small garden pond we thoroughly enjoy..


It has fish and attracts a lots of wildlife (birds, butterflies, and frogs).


It’s had many waterfalls over the many years.


Missy found a great deal on a lighted spillway at Marc’s. So I tore out the old waterfall and put this one in.




The new waterfall looked nice, but it still need a little something.


So I found some LED pond lights on Amazon, but they needed a little weatherproofing (silicone and heat shrink tubing) before I could install them.


Here’s a pic of them being bench tested while the silicone I added dries.




Here’s a great pic of the pond all done and lit up.




I really like it and and think this is the last change for a while

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