Cat Nutcracker

Cat Nutcracker

Apr 07

Here’s a great cat figural nutcracker we added to our collection recently.

I bought this great piece on Ebay a while ago. It was missing an eye and had some considerable damage on the left side of its face

Here are some pictures of the piece as I received it:

Here are a couple pictures of the piece in process as I was restoring it:

Here are some pictures of it all done and fully restored:

A huge shout out to Megan at Handmade Glass Eyes for carrying high domed cat glass eyes that are an accurate replacement for these pieces.

Trust me, accurate eyes for these vintage pieces are hard to find and Handmade Glass Eyes is my shop’s “go to” for eyes now versus the taxidermy sites I was trying to use in the past where types, styles, and sizes of eyes are very limited. Megan’s site is wonderful and was a great find!

Well that wraps it up. I gave this piece to my wife for her birthday and she was absolutely thrilled with it!

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