Black Forest Gnome

Black Forest Gnome

Oct 31


Here’s a great gnome carved in the Black Forest style.


It came in with a broken beard.



Got it all fixed up and made a custom base for it.




This piece came out great and has been added to my own personal collection.


A big thank you goes out to one of my blog readers for sending me the link to this piece on Ebay!


—– Brandon

The Pond

The Pond

Jul 22


Well, I’ve been taking a break from sculpting & carving to get caught up on some projects around the homestead.


We have a small garden pond we thoroughly enjoy..


It has fish and attracts a lots of wildlife (birds, butterflies, and frogs).


It’s had many waterfalls over the many years.


Missy found a great deal on a lighted spillway at Marc’s. So I tore out the old waterfall and put this one in.




The new waterfall looked nice, but it still need a little something.


So I found some LED pond lights on Amazon, but they needed a little weatherproofing (silicone and heat shrink tubing) before I could install them.


Here’s a pic of them being bench tested while the silicone I added dries.




Here’s a great pic of the pond all done and lit up.




I really like it and and think this is the last change for a while

Carving Copier 2.0

Carving Copier 2.0

Jul 15


Well, it’s been a while since my last post.


Been working on some big things in the shop and it’s too early to reveal any details.


To get ready, though, I resurrected the carving copier I built a few years back.


This is version 2.0 which I replaced the drawer slides (X axis) on the original with linear bearings and rails (20 mm X 30 inches) like I used on the Z and Y axis.






This improvement makes the copier much smoother, dead on accurate, and gets rid of the racking issue I had with the drawer slides.

More New Pieces

More New Pieces

May 07

Been pretty busy lately and haven’t had a chance to update the blog.


Here are few new pieces I picked up in need of repair.


New Piece

New Piece

Mar 04


Here’s a new piece we just added to our collection.


I bought it off of Ebay. It was in need of some dental work and a finish refresh.


Here are a few pictures of the piece before I worked on it:





The face looked fat to me so I reshaped it a little, fixed the teeth, refreshed the stain, and finished it off with a couple coats of satin clear.


Here are a few pictures of the piece after the restoration work:






This piece really came out great and turned out to be a really nice birthday present for my wife.


—– Brandon

It’s Alive!!!!

It’s Alive!!!!

Feb 26



My old Craftsman 10″ table saw is back up and running!


The new bearing came this week and the neighbor and I pressed it on.




Glad to have ye ol’ table saw back!!!


Toasted Table Saw

Toasted Table Saw

Feb 12


Well my trusty table saw I’ve had for at least 10 years decidedĀ  not to be so trusty today and locked up solid.


So I flipped it over and pulled it apart to see what the problem was.




Well, turns out the bearing on the back of the motor shaft is toast.




It won’t even try to turn and that’s not good.


The front motor bearing is fine and still works great. I’m thinking the back bearing was defective.


So, ye ol’ table saw is out of commission and I’m trying to decide if I want to fix this one or buy a bigger and better one.


Hmmmmmm….. decisions, decisions….


Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff

Jan 29


Today was moving day for Joe Leonard’s Griffin and Pegasus.

He got a call last week letting him know the Mythical Creatures Museum exhibit is going back on the road.


So we had to pack up the Pegasus and Griffin for their first stop in Minnesota for the Mythic Creatures exhibit that opens February 3rd.


Here are some pictures I took while we got them all packed up.













Lots of work, but definitely worth it to get these two back out on the road!