Feb 21


 It’s been a really nice weekend here in Ohio.


It was in the 60’s yesterday; I can get used to that!


Got out in the shop a little and made progress on the skull nutcrackers.


Here’s the screw type skull nutcracker I’m working on. Making something that doesn’t exist is always challenging because you always run into weird issues that take more time than you expect to figure out and overcome.




Skull screw type nutcracker



Here’s the more traditional style which isn’t giving me as much trouble. This is skull #4 of this type so I have most of the kinks worked out in regards to carving these. This one is almost done.


 Just waiting on clear coat. Didn’t have any in shop so I have to pick some up on my lunch break tomorrow. No worries, had plenty of other pieces to work on. That’s a good thing!




Traditional style skull nutcracker



Once these two are done I have a few more ideas and am hoping to get a few more cool pieces done and ready for the Nutcracker Collectors Club Convention in May.


 Yeah, I really need to figure out how to make clones of myself to help with all this carving and stuff.


Stay tuned!


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